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~~ Ephemera ~~
Post Cards, Victorian Ad Trade Cards, Prints
Vintage Greeting Cards
Victorian Ad Trade Card - Crosman Brothers Seed Merchants
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Victorian Ad Trade Card - e09088

Victorian Ad Trade Card - Girl sitting at a pool garden. "Crosman Brothers Wholesale Seed Merchants, Growers and Importers, Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY. Plant only Crosman Bros. Garden Seeds. They are the best in the World. Ask for them and take no others. For Sale at This Store". Copyright 1887 and published by Crosman Bros. Rochester, N.Y. Julius Bien & Co Lith N.Y. Paste marks on back four corners.

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Victorian Ad Trade Card Chase's Liquid Glue
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Chase's Liquid Glue - e09081

Victorian ad trade card 5 1/4" x 3 1/4". Colorful graphics of family gluing trade cards in a scrapbook. Also shows the glue bottle. Top of advertisement says "Chase's Liquid Glue, Mends Everything". Very good condition on front. Back is blank with glue stains.


1920's Christmas Card
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1920's Christmas Card - e09082

1920's Art Deco Christmas Card. Looks to be a hand made card with colorful graphics on parchment paper. Tissue paper inside and beautifully signed by sender: Mr. & Mrs. George Albright Land.  No verse. 4 1/2" x 3 1/2". Includes original mailing envelope with the cancelled 1 cent George Washington stamp.


1928 Christmas Card
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1928 Christmas Card - e09083

1920's Vintage Christmas card 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". Front says Hearty good wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Colorful bell ringer with lantern and bell standing in the snow next  to "Ye Oldtime Inn" sign. Original envelope is addressed to Mr. & Mrs. H.W. Lacey in Niagara Falls, NY. Signed in the snow by Ora and George. A cancelled 2 cent George Washington Stamp is intact.



1928 Florida Christmas Card
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1928 Florida Christmas Card - e09084

1928 Vintage Florida Christmas Card  with palm trees sunset and beach. "Greetings from Florida" "It's Christmas here in the Summerland - the skies are fair and blue - My heart delights in sending Christmas greetings straight to you." Size is 4" x 5" - nothing on the back. Signed Mabel on the front. Original envelope included with an Air-Mail cancelled 2 cent George Washington Stamp. Post marked Miami, FL December 18, 1928.

1930 Vintage Christmas Card
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Vintage Christmas Card - e09085

1930 Christmas Card with colorful vintage graphics depicting two Christmas carolers and a snow covered house in the background.  Signed on the front and the back is blank. Approx 4" x 4 1/4". Original envelope addressed to Mr & Mrs. Harold Lacey in Niagara Falls, NY is included with two (2)  One Cent George Washington stamps and a cancellation mark from Newtonville, Mass on December 18, 1930.


1929 Easter Card
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1929 Vintage Easter Card - e09086

Old Easter card from 1929 in the shape of an egg. The front says "A Joyous Easter". A chick is at the door with an
Easter egg basket and the pop out door has a chick inside. Verse inside says "Chicks and buds and blossoms too - Join with me in wishing you a Happy Easter" - approx size is 3 1/8" x 2 1/4". Original envelope addressed to Master Richard Lacey, Niagara Falls, NY. No postage stamps on this one. It is signed and dated on the inside of the door "from your Great Aunt Ellen - 1929"

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1928 Valentine Card
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1928 Vintage Valentine Card - e09087

Vintage Valentine card from 1928. Red with gold lace design, cut out hearts and bow. Couple walking arm in arm up a flowered walkway to a cottage home. Front says "Always I'll Remember You - Valentine Greetings". Read The Inside Verse. This card is not signed and it includes the original envelope from St.Petersburg, FL February 13, 1928 and a cancelled two cent George Washington stamp.


Victorian Ad Trade Card - John T Roberts  & Bro
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Victorian Ad Trade Card - e10082

Victorian trade card with a man and dog bringing home the Christmas tree. Front reads: "Buy Real Fuel. John T. Roberts & Bro. 4934 Main St - Opposite Price." Back reads: ""This card is a reminder of last winter. Read our circular on how to secure comfortably heated houses for the least money. Try our Hungarian Process Flour. The four brands: Beau Ideal, Desideratum, Probatum and Pure Gold. Warehouse: Cumberland Street, Germantown. No rips, creases but has the expected paste marks.



Victorian Ad Trade Card - Libby's Cooked corned Beef
View Close Up
Victorian Ad Trade Card - e10083

The front of the Victorian Trade card reads: "The Best" Used by all - Libby, McNeill & Libby's Cooked Corned Beef". The back of this lovely trade card is blank. No rips, creases or paste marks.


Victorian Ad Trade Card - Wilson's Cooked Corned Beef
View Close Up
Victorian Ad Trade Card - e10084

Victorian Trade Card for Wilson's Cooked Corned Beef. Front reads: "It is the best thing in the world! We were fattened on it! (Snober & Carqueville Lith Co, Chicago) Back reads: C.S. Brewer & Co. Wholesale Fruit Dealers 238 & 240 Asylum Street, Hartford, Conn. Wholesale agents for this beef. No rips, creases or paste marks.



Victorian Ad Trade Card - Malbrough Parisian Chmical Works
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Victorian Ad Trade Card - e10085

This Victorian trade card has the name Malbrough on the front of this colorful card. The back reads: Parisian Chemical Works, 49 Main Street, Cincinnati. Gloves cleaned and dyed in any color. Feathers cleaned, dyed and curled. None but first class workmen employed. No rips or creases. Typical paste marks on the back of the card.



Victorian Ad Trade Card - Niagara Starch
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Victorian Ad Trade Card - e10086

Victorian Trade Card for Niagara Starch. Wesp, Lautz Bros & Co Buffalo, NY. Back reads: Ask for Niagara Starch, the PURIST, the SWEETEST, the BEST. Edwin Gillette, Deal in Choice - Groceries and Provisions. Flour, Fruit, Canned Goods, Tea, Coffee, Spices, etc. 42 Church Street (Bingham's Block) Willimantic, CT. Use Acme Soap, cut full pounds. Best bar soap made. No rips, creases or paste marks.



Victorian Ad Trade Card - Malto Peptin Bread
View Close Up
Victorian Ad Trade Card - e10087

Pretty Victorian girl on the front of this Victorian Trade Card. The back reads: Our Latest! Malto-Peptin (registered) Bread - A great eater. Other specialties Mrs Wentworth's Home-Made and Quaker and 21 other kinds of bread. All Grocers handle them. Smith, Collins, & Co Vienna Model Bakery. A picture card with every loaf. No rips, creases or paste marks.



Victorian Ad Trade Card - None Such Mince Meat
View Close Up
Victorian Ad Trade e10088

Victorian trade card for None Such Mince Meat. This one has graphics on the front and the back. Inside is the ad. Please click on the links below. The card is stamp signed Chas. Salmon, 132-134 N. Clinton Street, Rochester, NY. No rips, creases or paste marks.

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