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Vintage 1950s Aksel Holmsen Norway Sterling pin. White and blue guilloche leaf and flower. Guilloche is This quality made Norwegian pin measures approx. 2" x 1 1/2".  It is marked: Norway Sterling 925S and is in excellent condition.



"Guilloché is a jewelry technique that involves engraving a pattern into metal and then covering it with translucent, colored enamel. The pattern is created by using a lathe to work the metal into a pattern. The enamel highlights the pattern and allows for a hand-painted motif to be easily applied" Source: This overview was generated with the help of AI. It uses sources from across the web and Google’s Knowledge Graph, a collection of info about people, places, and things.

Aksel Holmsen Norway Sterling Guilloche Tulip Pin - j871023

SKU: j871023
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